Flexibility of payments and guaranteed rate of return

Deposit account that allows you to plan your savings, risk-free, with flexibility of payments and a guaranteed rate of return. You therefore know immediately what yield you will obtain at the end of the chosen period.

Conditions for opening an account:

Minimum: €250,00
Minimum Maintenance: €25,00
Scheduled Payments: €50.00
Occasional Payments: € 125.00


6 months or 1 year, with automatic renewal at the reference rate in force for the respective period and asset.

Conditions for Making Withdrawals:

At maturity: no penalty;
Before maturity:
- Interest is calculated on the withdrawn balance (total or partial) from the 1st day, at the rate in force on the date of the withdrawal, of the lowest asset for the initially agreed term;
- Interest is calculated on the balance not withdrawn from the 1st day at the initially agreed rate.

For further information, please dial 808 200 500 or contact a BPI branch.

  Standardized Information Sheet