Personal Loan BPI

From €12,92/month for every €1,000 borrowed in 120 months (APR 11,2%)
BPI Personal Loan BPI enables you to have everything you need, without having to make a great effort. Discover all the advantages.

Extremely attractive fixed and variable rates
BPI Personal Loans offer you extremely competitive rates of interest: fixed rate from 9% or variable rate at a spread from 8,5% **, through subscription of Credit Protection Insurance by two Applicants.

*11,7% APR, monthly payment of € 394,46 and fixed NAR of 9,5%. Total amount in charge of the Customer € €49.409,60.
**11,2% APR, monthly payment of € 387,55, interest rate index-linked to 3-month Euribor (0,097%) rounded to the nearest thousandth plus a 9% spread. Total amount in charge of the Customer: € 48.580,40.

APR calculated for a 120-month loan of € 30.000. Valid in October 2014. Get a quote with BPI to obtain all conditions updated and tailored to meet your needs.

Extended terms and amounts
BPI Personal Loan offers amounts of up to €75.000 and is highly flexible in duration, going up to terms of 10 years, in order to help you determine the best solution for your case.

Immediate preliminary decision
The request for credit is very simple and the answer is immediate. You will only have to submit the documents necessary for formalising your loan.

Credit for any purpose
With BPI Personal Loan, you can fulfil all the projects you have ever dreamed of: repaint the house, buy new furniture, the latest computer or new household appliances, have an unforgettable holiday and anything else you want.

Tranquillity and security
For your complete tranquillity and security, BPI Personal Loan has two excellent associated insurance plans:

Life Insurance, which guarantees the initial value in the event of Death or Total Permanent Disability of the Insured Persons;
Credit Protection Insurance, which guarantees the repayment of your instalments (up to a maximum of 36) in the case of Total Temporary Disability for Work through Accident or Illness, Involuntary Unemployment or Hospitalisation. The Insurance also covers situations of Salaries in Arrears up to a maximum of 6 months.

Interest Bonuses according to your Commercial Relationship with the Bank
If you are already a BPI Customer, you have a bonus on your interest rate if the Credit Protection Insurance is subscribed by one ou two Applicants:

Rebates in p.p. to be deducted from the spread / rate Rebates
Rallies up to (fixed/variable-rate) 0,50 p.p.
Credit Protection Insurance 1st Applicant 0,25 p.p.
Credit Protection Insurance 2nd Applicant 0,25 p.p.

(1) BPI offers a special rate for Clients with financial assets with BPI > = € 200.000.

Excellent advantages when transferring your Personal Loan to BPI
If you have Personal Loan with another bank, and would like to pay a lower monthly instalment, make a simulation and see how much you could save with BPI Personal Loan.

When you transfer your loans to BPI you can:

Pay a lower monthly instalment;
Have the amount of your credit increased, continuing to pay the same monthly instalment;
Put all the credits you have with Banks or Commercial Establishments into one loan, with an advantageous rate.

To facilitate the transfer process, BPI gives you support in dealing with the documentation necessary for settling other existing loans.

Make the most of all the advantages of the BPI Personal Loan:
Monthly payments from €12,92/month** for every €1.000 borrowed in 120 months (APR 11,2%);
Terms up to 10 years and amounts up to €75.000;
Credit for any purpose;
Immediate preliminary decision;
Advantages in transferring loans to BPI;
Wide cover insurance.