BPI Directo is the BPI telephone service that allows you to do your banking by phone in a fast, easy way, anytime, anywhere.

All you have to do is call 707 020 500 and listen to the instructions. The service is performed by an easy-to-use automatic system (VRU). However, you can at any time opt for personalised assistance performed by an operator.

4 Reasons to use BPI Directo:

Comfort and Flexibility
PYou can access your Account from anywhere in the world, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Ease and Speed
By phone, and in an extremely simple and fast way, you have access to your Account and can perform a wide range of banking operations.

Subscription to BPI Directo is free and you also benefit from very advantageous conditions when performing certain operations, compared to any BPI Branch.

Security and Confidentiality
BPI guarantees full security and confidentiality in the operations performed, using the most advanced data protection technology, complemented with Access Codes and a Personal Coordinates Card.

BPI Directo Telephone Numbers:

To access BPI Directo you should call to one of the telephone numbers listed below, acording to where you are:


Caller Network Telephone Number
Telephone Network 707 020 500 Local Call Cost
Mobile Network 93 720 05 00
91 909 00 30
96 595 05 50
Mobile/Mobile Rate*
* According to the tariff agreed between the customer and the operator.


Country Telephone Number
Germany, France, Luxembourg, United Kingdom, Switzerland, Belgium, Spain, Holand 00 800 80 200 500 Free Call
USA/Canada 011 800 80 200 500 Free Call
South Africa 0 800 995 233 Free Call
Venezuela 0 800 100 30 04 Free Call
Any other country 00 351 21 720 78 78 International Call Rate