Less visible, but certainly no less important, is all the background work done by our Financial Advisors, so that we will live up to your expectations.

In order to be able to monitor all their Customers dealings with the Bank and propose the most suitable solutions, the Financial Advisors are supported by a large team of specialists in the most diverse areas, where the BPI Group already has vast experience proven by years of excellent results, particularly in the area of Asset Management.

And so that you can see how your assets are evolving at any time, in addition to the support of your Financial Advisor, BPI has also designed a series of informative documents for you:

  • Assets and Liabilities Statement

    Gives you an overall view of your relationship with the Bank, with updated information on all your products and services.

  • Publications

    Publications are regularly produced and publicised, which aim to provide better monitoring of your financial investments.

  • BPI Investments website

    At Investment you can find details on BPI products, research and permanently updated information on markets, and you can also perform several kinds of savings and investment simulations.

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