Investing in markets with higher risk, but with guaranteed capital
These products combine investment in higher risk assets and, therefore, with greater growth potential in the medium term, with a full or partial guarantee of capital at term end.

This guarantee means that investors more averse to risk will consider markets that they once ignored because of their prudence in personal savings.

Investing in otherwise inaccessible markets
BPI Structured Products allow easy access to assets and countries that go beyond the national stock and bond markets.

It is possible to invest, for example, in shares or indexes or sectors of activity in other countries, in an isolated way or in baskets, alternatives that would otherwise be practically inaccessible to most investors, namely because of the costs implicit in their transactions.

Reducing the portfolio risk through the effect of investment diversification
With these products there is the possibility of diversifying investments, taking advantage of the high range of BPI Structured Products and of the well-known advantage of not putting “all your eggs in one basket”.

Liquidity, transparency and ease of access
For medium/long-term applications, liquidity and the possibility of selling a position acquired in the past are undoubtedly important aspects, which is why BPI undertakes to give a daily buyer price for its products.

This price will reflect market conditions and the costs of early withdrawal of the product. Before bond maturity, it may therefore be less than the value resulting from the products conditions of return.

Transparency is another characteristic inherent in Structured Products: investment is made in a concrete market, and not a vaguely defined market, and the variables that affect the Redemption Value are known.

Ease of access is common to all Structured Products, since all these advantages are available to any BPI Customer, without paperwork (all you need is an account at the bank) and no subscription costs.