Reporting of Irregularities


Only those actions which seriously infringe or commit a serious breach shall be considered as irregularities:

  • Compliance with the legal, regular entry, ethical and deontological principles to which the Members of the Corporate Bodies and the Employees of Companies forming part of the BPI Group are bound, through the carrying out of their respective professional duties;Preserving the patrimony of Clients, Shareholders and BPI itself;
  • Preserving the image and institutional reputation of BPI, as well as situations likely to be deemed an abuse of authority or mismanagement.

For information on complaint procedures please click here.

Communication Procedures

Communications concerning irregularities should be sent, in writing, to the Supervision Board of the BPI Bank, Rua Tenente Valadim, n.º 284, 4100-476 Porto.

In the event that these are submitted by employees of the BPI Group, they can be sent care of the Supervisory Board using the internal correspondence code - 1003.

The BPI Group has created procedures for the whole process – reception, registration, consideration and decision – so as to guarantee that confidentiality, exemption and priority of treatment are always ensured.