Renewable Energy

Generation of energy for own consumption or sale to third parties, either to monetize investment, or purchase equipment for generation of Renewable Energies under special conditions.

  • Competitive interest rate;
  • Extended periods;
  • Possibility of sale at a price higher than that of the purchase price.

Companies, Sole Proprietors and Liberal Professionals, holders of either small or large spaces, which consume 50% of the energy they intend to contract with EDP.

  • Maximum: up to 100% of the invoice amount
  • Minimum: € 5.000

Up to 5 years


Commercial Pledge of the equipment and other guarantees that are agreed with BPI.

Type of Solution

Medium and Long Term Financing.

The energy generated by such equipment may be for own consumption and/or sold to the electricity network, through application of the “Renováveis na Hora” Programme of the Ministry for the Economy and Innovation, at a price higher than that of the purchase price.