Education Loan


BPI proposes to you a loan to finance, in excellent conditions, undergraduate, postgraduate, master’s and doctorate courses, in Portugal or abroad, so that you do not have to worry about paying tuition, expenses with computers or computer equipment or other educational expenses (travel, stays and educational material).

Loans extended to your needs

With the BPI Education Loan, you can apply for amounts going from € 1.000, and you can repay the outstanding amount, fully or partially, with no penalty.

Maturities of up to 10 years

BPI helps you establish the loan term and instalment that best suit your situation, and you can opt for repaying the loan in up to 10 years.

Phased drawdowns on the principal

With the BPI Education Loan (if you opt for a grace period) you can benefit from the possibility of drawing on your loan by minimum tranches of € 450 and meet your expenses as they occur.

Principal grace period

You can choose a grace period on principal of 12 months or multiple of 12 months. The maximum grace period corresponding to the duration of the course plus 6 months, subject to a maximum of 60 months.

Note: partial early repayments cannot be made during the grace period.

Fixed Rate

With the BPI Education Loan, you can count on a very competitive fixed rate, with a spread of 6%.


Effective annual interest rate (TAEG) of 7% and Total Amount Attributable to Consumer of € 22.648,56. The amounts presented assume that the Consumer has had an account with the Bank for more than 30 days (account maintenance commission not considered) and include loan origination fee (€ 85 + Duty Stamp).

Monthly payment of € 206,12, for 108-month financing of € 17.000, with no grace period, based on a fixed interest rate (NAR) of 6%. Values valid in April 2024. Request a simulation at BPI for further information about conditions, updated and adjusted to your circumstances.

Before signing your loan, clarify any doubts, carefully read the contract and particular financing conditions and make sure that the instalments fit within your monthly budget.