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Banco BPI | BPI Private | Publications

Banco BPI | BPI Private | Publications


The quality of information serves as the foundation of a transparent, effective service oriented to supporting your investment decisions.

Reports and Publications

For analysis with your Financial Advisor, you will periodically receive a detailed report on the composition and historic returns of your investments.

Exclusive publication with outlook for world financial markets;

A publication that provides an overview of the current tax regime, addressing the main implications for Personal Banking customers.

Annual Outlook
Produced at the beginning of the year, an exclusive annual publication that analyses the most relevant events of the past year and next year.

BPI Research
Periodic, timely and high-quality BPI analysis on financial markets, specific sectors and companies, both national and foreign.

Periodic Information on Financial Markets

Via email, BPI provides its customers access to periodic analysis and information on key market events and developments.