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Qualificação da Oferta 2018 Line - Turismo de Portugal

€ 120 million to support tourism companies, including € 30 million specifically allocated to the Algarve region.

Banco BPI | Qualificação da Oferta 2018 Line - Turismo de Portugal

Banco BPI | Qualificação da Oferta 2018 Line - Turismo de Portugal


In August 2018, Tourism Promotion Support Line was renewed with the Turismo de Portugal, and such credit line's overall value was increased by € 120 million.


  • Refurbishment, expansion and creation of:
    - tourism enterprises and local accommodations (excludes apartments)1;
    - recreational or entertainment ventures, equipment or activities;
    - catering and drinking establishments.
  • Refurbishment of establishments with the Lojas com História ("Historical Shops") distinction;
  • Entrepreneurship Projects in the Tourism Sector.

In addition, the Specific Line for Tourism Development (Apoio à Valorização) in the Algarve (Algarve Line), with an allocation of € 30 million (included in the overall allocation), which is also subject to the regime applicable to investment projects in low-density areas.

1 Local accommodation ventures and establishments are only eligible if created in low-density areas.


  • Benefit from a 0% interest rate for the Turismo de Portugal tranche (except in case of accommodation establishments that do not involve the recovery of assets classified as a national monument or real estate of public interest);
  • Funding for projects promoted by Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises (SMEs) is not classified as de minimis aid, provided that the investments start only after the application for funding;
  • Possibility of awarding a performance bonus for projects with job creation developed by SMEs located in low density territories, which will allow the conversion of up to 20% of the Turismo de Portugal tranche into a non-repayable incentive;
  • Working capital of up to 10% of eligible investment (subject to de minimis aid) may be included in the financing.


  • Tourism companies of any size, including individual business owners, with tourist projects that can be included and that comply with the other framework conditions and access to this credit line.
  • The territorial scope of the projects is mainland Portugal and the Autonomous Regions.

Eligible Operations

Type of Operations:

  • Fixed-term loan


  • Maximum amount of financing of 75% of the eligible investment value, with the following limits:
    - General Line - maximum amount of € 2 million in the Turismo de Portugal tranche;
    - Entrepreneurship Projects - maximum amount of eligible investment of € 500.000.
  • Minimum amount: € 25.000.


  • Operations up to 15 years.
  • Grace period: up to 48 months.


Guarantees to be agreed upon with BPI.


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