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BPI Net Mobile

BPI provides a Mobile Banking Service through which you can access the Bank on a mobile phone, smartphone or tablet with internet connection.


  • Convenience and Flexibility
    This Service enables you to access your Account from your mobile phone or PDA anywhere in the world, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
  • Ease and Speed
    You can access your account very simply and quickly and carry out a wide range of banking operations.
  • Pricing Policy
    You only pay the cost for internet use (charged by the respective operator) when using BPI Net Mobile.
  • Security and Confidentiality
    Using the most advanced data protection technology, along with Access Keys and Personal Coordinates Card, BPI guarantees total security and confidentiality in carrying out operations

Available operations

If you are already a registered user of BPI Net, go to on your mobile phone to immediately access this Mobile Banking Service, BPI Net Mobile.


  • Balance
  • Transactions
  • Credit Card Balance
  • Credit Card Transactions


  • Loading of Mobile Phones;

Stock Exchange Operations:

  • Balance for Trading;
  • Buy/Sell;
  • Cancellation of Orders;
  • Open Orders;
  • Order History;
  • Securities Portfolio;
  • Quotes;
  • Listing of Personnel;
  • Securities Query;
  • Today’s Market;
  • Indexes;
  • News;
  • Returns;
  • Stock Exchange Indices;
  • Stock Exchange Activity;
  • Positions to be Settled;
  • Exercise of Options.