With this application BPI Clients who are BPI Net users can immediately access their account and card balances, and check movements and see their integrated position.
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Available Operations
  • Checking Account and Credit Card Balances and Movements;
  • Checking the Integrated Position;
  • Checking schedules movements planned for the next 30 days;
  • Transfers to beneficiaries, BPI accounts or accounts in other Banks (SEPA area);
  • Payment of bills, payments to the State and Mobile Phone top-ups;
  • Subscription, reinforcement and redemption of Investment Funds;
  • Creation, additional deposits and withdrawal on target savings accounts;
  • Credit Cards: request to change Credit Limits, change of payment options and payment of Balance or Additional Payment;
  • Pre-paid cards: request, activation, charging and checking balances and movements;
  • MB Way transfers and withdrawals;
  • MB Net cards creation and management;
  • Simulation and request for Personal Loan;
  • Checking the catalogue and acquiring Prestige Products;
  • My Finances: summary of the last three months and current year, movements and goal settings;
  • Checking and configurating Alerts and Notifications;
  • Access to contacts, location and services of Branches, BPI Premier Centers and Corporate Centers; 

Besides a more modern and intuitive design, the new BPI App features the following main news:

  • Immediate access to account and card balances;
  • Personalised messages and information about upcoming account movements;
  • Management of savings and creation of objectives tailored to each Client;
  • Creation and management of frequent beneficiaries or pre-defined payments;
  • Checking the catalogue and acquiring Prestige Products (with credit card);
  • Fingerprint or Face ID access. 
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