Personal Loan


The BPI Personal Loan allows you to have everything you need without having to make a big effort. Find out all the advantages.

A loan for any purpose

Applying for a personal loan at BPI will help you accomplish your projects.

Financing example 1 

  • Amount: € 5.000
  • € 81,36 x 84 months
  • NAR: 9%
  • Effective annual interest rate (TAEG): 12,4%1
  • MTIC (Total Amount Attributable to Consumer): € 7.247,48
  • Life insurance (monthly): € 2,11
  • Loan origination fee: € 100 + Stamp Duty

Financing example 2

  • Amount: € 10.000
  • € 162,72 x 84 months
  • NAR: 9%
  • Effective annual interest rate (TAEG): 12,4%1
  • MTIC (Total Amount Attributable to Consumer): € 14.495,801
  • Life insurance (monthly): € 4,23
  • Loan origination fee: € 200 + IS

1 The amounts presented assume that the Consumer has had an account with the Bank for more than 30 days and include mandatory life insurance for an applicant, loan origination fee and respective taxes. Values valid in December 2021.

Customise your Personal Loan

Learn about the conditions BPI has to offer you to allow you to realise your plans and choose a payment schedule tailored to your needs:

  • Loan Amount: extended to your needs, for any purpose;
  • Term: Up to 120 months for financing amount ≤ € 6,350 and up to 84 months for financing amount> € 6,350: decide for how long you want to repay your loan;
  • Instalment: choose the monthly instalment best adjusted to your family budget.
Tranquillity and Safety
  • BPI Personal Loan has a mandatory Allianz Life Insurance policy included that ensures payment of the loan principal in the event of death or absolute and definitive disability of the insured persons;
  • For even greater peace of mind, you can also take out a Credit Protection Insurance policy which, for a single initial premium, ensures the payment of your loan instalments for the duration of your loan, in case of absolute temporary incapacity due to accident and/or illness, involuntary unemployment, hospitalisation and salaries in arrears.
It is very simple to contract a BPI Personal Loan

After deciding which simulation best suits your requirements, submit the following documents to your BPI branch:

  • Citizen Card;
  • 3 most recent pay slips;
  • Previous year income tax return.
  • After your loan has been approved, the money will be quickly available in your current account.

Before taking out your loan, clarify any doubts, read carefully the loan contract and detailed conditions and make sure that the installments are manageable within your monthly budget.


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