BPI Personal Solutions

Did you know that diversifying your investments across different terms, geographies (e.g. the world, Europe, the USA, emerging markets) and/or asset types (liquidity, shares, bonds, real estate, etc.), according to your needs and goals, allows you to manage the risk of your investments and increase long-term returns?

At BPI, we offer you a wide range of products for saving and investing your money. Discover the solutions best suited to you and diversify your assets.

Smartphone with the online brokerage service available in the BPI Broker app.

BPI Broker

BPI Broker is an online brokerage service, also optimised for mobile phones, that allows you to trade as if you were in a market room.

The BPI Broker platform allows BPI clients to track market data, monitor real-time information on their portfolio and orders, and trade securities on the stock exchange quickly and easily.

Main operations available:

  • Real-time quotes
  • Smart Orders
  • Trailing stop orders on Euronext (dynamic stop)
  • Consultation of the acquisition value and profitability of the lots in the portfolio
  • Consultation of the consolidated portfolio of all BPI accounts in which the client holds shares
  • Possibility of adding favourites and creating price alerts
Smiling mother and daughter. Preparing for retirement with BPI Pension Savings Schemes.

Pension savings schemes

It is increasingly important to start planning early to save for the future and ensure a more comfortable retirement.

The BPI Pension Savings Schemes are financial products designed to encourage medium and long-term investment and have two different investment logics:

  • Asset allocation: different share percentages allow you to choose the product that best suits your risk tolerance.
  • Lifecycle: with a target retirement date, as the target year approaches, the product manager reduces the percentage of shares in the portfolio to reduce risk.
Woman with a piggy bank saving with BPI Term Deposits.

Term deposits

Term deposits are investments with a known return and guaranteed capital, in which you can invest in the short and medium term. The capital invested is always protected by the Deposit Guarantee Fund (DGF), under the conditions set out therein.

Two women analysing a diversified portfolio. BPI Investment Funds.

Investment funds

BPI investment funds give you access to different geographies, asset types, maturities, and sustainability preferences to build a diversified portfolio tailored to your needs.

Alternatively, you can choose one of the diversified funds designed to meet the different investment profiles of our clients (conservative, moderate, dynamic, and aggressive) and leave the diversification to the product managers.

In all funds, you have access to a team of professional managers who seek the best risk/return balance for your investments.

Family playing on the beach, with their future planned. BPI Capitalisation Insurance.

Capitalisation insurance

These are insurance-based investment products designed to build up long-term savings and provide access to diversified asset management.
The different investment options consist of different types of financial assets, namely shares, bonds and short-term debt instruments with different levels of risk.

BPI Capitalisation Insurance allows you to nominate beneficiaries and prepare to transfer your assets to those you choose, complementing your investment portfolio.

They also allow you to benefit from lower tax rates over time compared with, for example, fixed-term deposits, savings accounts, structured products, and investment funds.

A piggy bank to save at your own pace with BPI Savings Accounts.

Savings accounts

Savings accounts allow you to save at your own pace and according to your needs, with regular savings plans and the possibility of occasional top-ups.

Whatever your goal, this solution allows you to save easily, without risk and with reduced amounts.

Exceptional redemption of PPRs until 31 December 2024

PPR redemptions
Under the exceptional regime established by Law no. 19/2022 in its current wording, of October 21, 2022, until December 31, 2024 the value of pension savings schemes (PPR), education savings schemes (PPE) and pension/education savings schemes (PPR/E) can be reimbursed, without penalty, in the following situations:
i) up to the monthly limit of the IAS* (Social Support Index) by participants in these plans;
ii) for the payment of instalments of credit agreements guaranteed by a mortgage on property intended for the participant's own permanent residence, instalments of credit for the construction or improvement of property for own permanent residence, and deliveries to housing cooperatives for own permanent residence solutions;
iii) for the purpose of early redemption of the credit contracts indicated in ii) up to an annual limit of 24 IAS
For further information/clarification, please contact a BPI branch or call the BPI Direct Line on 21 720 77 07, a national landline with personalised service 24/7.

* In 2024, the amount to be redeemed can be up to a monthly limit of €509.26.