BPI 1 Year Special Deposit


Term deposit in EUR, USD or CAD with guaranteed capital and fixed interest rate.

Access Conditions

EUR: Non-resident Clients and Emigrants

USD/CAD: Resident and Non-resident Individual Clients and Resident Companies.

Minimum initial deposit: € 250 or equivalent in USD/CAD
Minimum balance: € 250 or equivalent in USD/CAD
1 year.
Interest Rate

Look up the Annual Gross Nominal Rate (AGNR) in the Standard Information Sheet.

Account Management Conditions

Full or partial early withdrawals are allowed at any time, subject to a penalty on interest.

More Details
Renovação:Automatic renewal.
Reforcos:Not allowed.
Pagamento de Juros:Interest is paid at maturity or at the time of full early withdrawal.

This information does not replace the consultation of the legally required contractual and pre-contractual information, which can be obtained on this website for each product, at any BPI branch or through Fale Connosco.