BPI 2 Years Special Deposit


Term deposit in Euros or Foreign Currency with guaranteed capital and fixed rates for the entire duration of the deposit

Access Conditions

Resident and Non-resident Individual Clients and Emigrants.
Resident Corporate Clients.

Minimum initial deposit: € 250 or equivalent in foreign currency
Minimum balance: € 250 or equivalent in foreign currency
2 years
Interest Rate

Look up the Annual Gross Nominal Rate (AGNR) in the Standard Information Sheet.

Account Management Conditions

Full or partial early withdrawals are allowed at any time, subject to a penalty on interest.

Interest on the amount withdrawn in advance is calculated from the start date of the deposit, at the following rates:  

Early withdrawal during:Rate
1st year0% of the rate contracted
2nd year50% of the rate contracted
More Details
Renovação:Automatic renewal.
Reforcos:Not allowed.
Pagamento de Juros:Interest is paid at maturity or at the time of full early withdrawal.

This information does not replace the consultation of the legally required contractual and pre-contractual information, which can be obtained on this website for each product, at any BPI branch or through Fale Connosco.