BPI Empresas App

The BPI Empresas App is an application designed for companies, providing a set of functionalities for the daily management of your business.
Available operations

With the BPI Empresas App, users with Authorizer status defined in BPI Net Empresas have access to: 

  • Authorization for Pending Operations (Individual or Multiple);
  • Re-submission of Operations;
  • Checking Integrated Position, including Total Assets and Liabilities and the detail of each product;
  • Checking Account Balances and Movements;
  • Viewing BPI Digital Documents (only for iPad);
  • Viewing BIN/IBAN number and possibility of sending it by e-mail and/or SMS;
  • SEPA Transfers to BPI Accounts/BIN/IBAN 1;
  • Transfers between Company accounts 1;
  • Transfers to Beneficiaries, automatically imported from BPI Net Empresas 1;
  • Payment of Services;
  • Payment of Communications / Mobile phone Top ups;
  • Payments to the State;
  • Payment of TSU (social security contribution);
  • Location of Branches, Investment Centres, Corporate Centres and International Network;
  • Location of Deposit, Cheques and ATM Machines.

1 Available for users with Operations or Global Status.

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