BPI Zoom Card (APR 14,3% to 15,8%)


Keep shopping and pay always the same.

The BPI Zoom Card is more than a traditional Credit Card. You have the possibility to fix the monthly instalment, thus avoiding surprises in your budget; interest is calculated from the day the transaction is registered on the Card Account.


With the BPI Zoom Card you can make purchases and withdraw cash on credit on the Mastercard network. With your mobile device (BPI App) or at your online service (BPI Net), you can also cash advance from your credit to your current account in an easy, fast and convenient way.

  • Amortisations at no cost
    You can pay additional amounts on top of your monthly instalment at no cost.
  • Universal means of payment
    You can make your purchases in the more than 30 million establishments linked to the Mastercard network.
  • Cash advance to BPI Current Account
    With this feature you can transfer money from your credit card balance to your current account, in an easy, fast and convenient way, at BPI App or BPI Net. The balance is available immediately.
  • Always available
    BPI Cards Line 21 720 77 00 and 22 607 22 66 (personal assistance, 24h a day).
  • Possibility to choose
    You can always choose between two monthly instalment amounts for each credit limit. The BPI Zoom Card's credit limit defines the interest rate and the monthly instalments available:
Monthly instalmentsCredit limit intervalInterest Rate
BPI ClientNon BPI Client
€25 or €50 or €75€250 a €75010,5%14,3%n.a.**n.a.**
€50 or €75 or €100€751,00 a €1.50010,5%14,3%11,75%15,8%
€75 or €100 or €150€1.501,00 a €3.00010,5%14,3%11,75%15,8%
€15 or €200 or €250€3.001,00 a €4.00010,5%14,3%11,75%15,8%
€200 or €300 or €400€4.001,00 a €5.00010,5%14,3%11,75%15,8%

 Rates valid until 30/06/2024.

Annual fee

BPI Clients: free of charge
Non BPI Clients: free of charge


* TAEG (D.L. 133/09 of 02/06) for a purchase of the maximum amount of each Credit Limit interval and having chosen to pay the highest instalment.
APR calculated based on a Nominal interest rate of 10,500% for BPI Clients and 11.33% for Non BPI Clients, both without an annual fee and for a credit limit of 1500 Euros for 12 months
** Option not available for non Clients.

How do I apply for a card?

If you are over 18 and whether or not you are a Client of Banco BPI, you can apply for a BPI Zoom card.

To apply for a BPI Zoom Card, you must go to any BPI Branch or BPI Premier Centre.