MB Way


Did you know that the future accepts mobile phones? With the new MB WAY service available in BPI APP you can now make your purchases and instant transfers from your smartphone.

Now to make your purchases or instant transfers, all you need is your mobile phone number.

With MB Way you can associate your BPI Cards1 to your mobile phone number and make purchases from registered merchants (or those with MB Net) as well as instant transfers, in a simple, convenient and fast way, using your smartphone.

How can I subscribe to MB Way?
  1. At any ATM of the Multibanco Network, choose the "MB Way" option, insert your mobile phone number and define your MB Way PIN (6-digit code);
  2. Download the MB Way App, available for mobile devices running on Android, iOS or Windows operating system;
  3. Activate the MB Way App by entering the activation code you will receive by SMS.
Instant transfers

Through this service, you can also order and receive MB Way transfers (even from different Banks). For this, the transfer originator only has to know the mobile phone number of the recipient.

Withdraw without the card

In BPI App or in the MB Way app, you can generate money withdraw code on ATMs with no need to use the card.

Purchases in registered merchants

To pay for your purchases, you only need to indicate your mobile phone number to the merchant (or display the QR Code or Barcode available on the MB Way App, under "My number" if the merchant has a reader of this technology). You will then receive a notification on your mobile device to validate the operation on the App with your MB WAY PIN.

Purchases with MB Net

MB Net is now also available on the MB Way App, allowing you to generate virtual cards and make your purchases with total security in national or foreign websites, in an even easier and more convenient way.

To use MB Net, just access the MB Way App and choose the "Generate MB Net Card" option. After selecting the type of virtual card - for single or recurring purchases in the same Merchant -, set the maximum value of the virtual card and confirm with the MB Way PIN.


1 BPI cards that permit to subscribe to the MB Way service: BPI Electron, AEIST Card, BPI Universitário, BPI, BPI Gold, BPI Electron Empresas and BPI Business.