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Service and Experience

Because each person has different needs to which his / her Bank must give a global response at every moment, BPI Premier offers a personalized Financial Advisory service, especially aimed at high-net worth Clients or with accumulation potential.

To this purpose, we have provided BPI Premier Centers with attendance rooms characterized by an environment of additional discretion and privacy, which is their most visible distinguishing feature. In these spaces, the Financial Advisor will know and understand your personal situation and your specific needs so that he can offer you a Financial Advisory service that will effectively help you to find the most appropriate solutions.

In the attendance rooms you will also have direct and updated access to all information related to your accounts and banking operations, as well as specialized information on products, markets or more specific topics such as taxation.

The Financial Advisor

The Financial Advisor is the core element of the Service that we offer you at BPI Premier. His or her specific qualifications, along with the corresponding working environment, in which the spirit of teamwork and exchange of experiences are fostered, enable the Financial Adviser to respond effectively and in a quality manner to all your requests related to BPI products and services or any other area related to financial activity. Thus, your Financial Advisor can provide you with ongoing specialised assistance, both for the day-to-day management of your account and routine banking services, as well as for investment or financing decisions.