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    BPI Private | Financial Planning
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At BPI Private you will find a team of professionals prepared to analyze your financial situation and find the solutions that suit your needs and objectives. 

A fundamental accompaniment in the current scenario of globalized markets, constantly changing and with increasingly sophisticated investment options. An experienced team which dominates the main areas of Wealth Management, with independence, flexibility and transparency.

Defending your interests and preserving your assets with the consequent creation of value, dedication, loyalty and confidentiality are the main objectives of BPI Private. 

Within the scope of this service, you can choose:

Financial Counselling Service: you remain responsible for implementing the investment strategy and proposals that we submit to you;
Discretionary Investment Management Service: you entrust us with the management of all or part of your financial assets, by granting the Bank a management mandate.

Global Financial Planning, based on the Financial Counselling Service and the Discretionary Investment Management Service and resorting when necessary to internal and external specialists, permits to address additional issues, such as:

  • Planning for Retirement;
  • Transfer of assets and inheritance issues;
  • Risk and Insurance;
  • Tax issues;
  • Financing. 

The Discretionary Investment Management service aims to offer you a professional and efficient way to monetize your assets from a medium to long-term perspective.

Access to the service

Management Mandate
To benefit from this service, Clients must give the Bank a discretionary management mandate and the Bank will manage their investments according to the needs and risk profile of each Client.

Investment Profile:
The financial advisor plays a key role in this service. Together with you, he/she will determine your investment profile based on factors such as:

  • Your investment objectives;
  • Your liquidity needs;
  • Your propensity or aversion to risk;
  • Your family situation;
  • Your investment horizon;
  • Your income and assets position;
  • Any specific restrictions.

Portfolio composition:
The composition of your investment portfolio will be determined based on these elements, and considering the strategic asset allocation guidelines defined by the Bank.

Professional active management

The allocation and monitoring of your financial assets is carried out by BPI Gestão de Activos, whose main responsibility is to actively manage and follow-up the composition and evolution of your portfolio in order to obtain the best returns in line with the strategy you have defined.

Regular information

You will receive on a regular basis detailed information about the composition and historical profitability of your investments, which you may discuss with your Financial Advisor.