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At BPI Private, you will find a wide range of products at your disposal through your Financial Advisor, with flexibility in the construction of all types of financial solutions tailored to the needs of Clients, through the customization of the main characteristics of the products.

Investment Funds

Investment Funds are an important component in the structuring and allocation of your assets. You can opt for Diversification, Equity, Bonds, Treasury and Real Estate funds of different fund managers, and tap into the main markets, industry sectors and asset categories under the best conditions.

Capitalisation insurance

These products are ideal for optimising the taxation of your investment portfolio, preparing the transmission of your assets or simply for setting up a security reserve for your family.
Our offer of capitalisation insurance is characterised by the flexibility and diversity of investment policies, allowing us to design investment solutions fully tailored to your needs.

Retirement Saving Plans

These financial products offer tax benefits to encourage the building up of a nest egg:

  • Lower taxes on returns and postponement of tax payment to the time of redemption;
  • Exemption from Stamp Duty on free transfers of assets.


Access to stock markets worldwide for individual buy and sell orders of securities.

Structured Products

These products essentially permit to take advantage of one-off market opportunities.
They can assume the most diverse structures and forms of remuneration, allowing us to design solutions for a wide range of situations, needs and requests.

Alternative Investments

Suitable for the investment of large amounts, alternative investments seek to provide returns that are not correlated with the behaviour of the financial markets. Their main objective is to reduce the volatility of an investment portfolio by preserving capital and seeking to provide positive returns in all market scenarios


We provide access to the main derivative products available in the financial markets, such as options, futures and forward foreign exchange transactions. Derivatives may be used as instruments of leverage and/or risk hedging for your investments.

Interest Rate Placements

You can choose between a comprehensive range of interest rate placements, such as deposits, bonds and others, offering attractive and guaranteed rates during a term to be agreed according to your needs.