BPI Net Stock


BPI Net Stock is a specialised service from BPI, with very competitive prices, specially designed for Customers who invest in financial products and markets on the Internet.

4 Reasons to use BPI Net Stock

BPI Broker
Another area for monitoring markets and trading on the stock exchange.

This service has an extremely competitive price compared to the competition and to any BPI Branch.

Specialised Exchange Service
You can trade in real time, without a daily order limit, either in the National Exchange or in the main International Exchanges.

BPI Financial Information

To invest your money the best way, you'll have a multiplicity of financial instruments and information available to help you, such as: share prices, stock charts, Virtual Portfolio Simulators, Portfolio Profitability Calculator, amongst others.

BPI Broker
  • User-friendly;
  • All the Customer's stock exchange information will be available on a single page, namely quotes, orders and securities portfolio;
  • The securities prices will be presented in pure streaming, with the same quality as the trading systems of BPI's trading room;
  • Quicker order submission;
  • More tools available for technical analysis;
  • Possibility to consult the consolidated portfolio of all the accounts in BPI in which the Customer takes part.
Operations Available from BPI Net Stock
  • Access to the National and Main International Exchanges;
  • Immediate transmission of orders to the Stock Exchange;
  • News in real time, updated 24 hours a day, published by the CaixaBank BPI Equity Research team;
  • Portfolio Profitability Calculator and Virtual Portfolio Simulators;
  • Personalisation of e-mail and SMS alerts that allow you to receive notifications about the execution of stock market orders, variations in share prices, capital operations, amongst others.