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BPI Valor Account

The account that allows you to enjoy a range of products and services by paying a monthly management fee of only € 3,51 + stamp duty.

Banco BPI | Current Accounts | BPI Valor Account

Banco BPI | Current Accounts | BPI Valor Account


Access to a range of services by payment of a monthly management fee of  € 7,50 (+ stamp duty), reduced to  € 3,501 (+ stamp duty) if you use BPI Valor Account for automatic direct deposit of your wages/pension2 (Sight Account):

Products, services and related benefits:

  • 2 Debit Cards (for different account holder) without anuual fee;
  • 2 BPI Credit Card (13,0% TAEG - effective annual interest rate)4 for same card account, without annual fee;
  • 1 Module of 10 cheques per month, Crossed and Not-to-Order, requested through BPI Net and delivered via CTT (Stamp duty of € 0,05 for each issued check is borne by the Customer);
  • Civil Liability Insurance with insured amount of € 2.500 for the primary Account Holder;
  • Free national and SEPA (Single Euro Payments Area) transfers, if carried out through automatic channels (up to €100,000);
  • Standing Payment Orders (SPOs)3 ;
  • Overdraft Facility with direct deposit of wages, up to 100% of net pay subject to direct deposit (15,7% TAEG - effective annual interest rate). 5 

See how much you can save

Related Products and Services Individually purchased
Account Maintenance Fee ** € 60 
2 Debit Cards € 36
2 Credit Card € 40
2 SEPA + Transfers per month € 24
Annual total € 160
€ 42/year BPI Valor Account with
Automatic Direct Deposit of Wages or Pension (€ 3,5/month)


Related Products and Services Individually purchased
Account Maintenance Fee  ** € 60 
1 Debit Card € 18
1 SEPA + Transfer per month € 12
Annual total € 90
€ 90/year BPI Valor Account without
Automatic Direct Deposit of Wages or Pension (€ 7,5/month)

** € 15 / quarter, for accounts without associated service package
Stamp Tax added to the indicated rates

Direct deposit of your wages at BPI is easy

To set up direct deposit of your wages at BPI, simply fill out the printed form and submit it to your employer.

Advantages of being a BPI Client

BPI Clients enjoy benefits under Protocols with the following institutions (you only need to show your debit or credit card issued by BPI):


  • Free entry in all exhibitions;
  • 30% discount on the purchase of the "Friend of Serralves" card.

Casa da Música
20% discount on the purchase of tickets for concerts promoted by Casa da Música (discount not valid in conjunction with other Casa da Música promotions or season subscription packages).

Fundação Calouste Gulbenkian
10% discount on the purchase of loose tickets for all concerts of the 2018/2019 Gulbenkian Music Season

Important information

1 Monthly management fee without Automatic Direct Deposit of Wages or Pension is € 7,50 (+ stamp duty).


2 Automatic Direct Deposit of Wages or Pension only includes interbank electronic transfers of type SALA/08-Wages corresponding to a value of € 500 or more and type PENS/11-Pensions corresponding to a value of € 250 or more or remuneration received through Payment Orders Received (POR) from Abroad in Non-Resident and Migrant Customer Accounts with a value of €500 or more.

3 Standing Payment Orders must register at least one debt per year during the period of maintenance of the conditions of the campaign (24 months).

4 The effective annual interest rate (TAEG) is calculated based on € 1.500 of credit for the BPI Card, for nominal annual rate of 8,5% , annual fee (€ 20 + duty stamp) and a 12-month repayment term. The interest rate is calculated on a 360-day basis, without rounding. Issuance of card subject to BPI approval.

5 Effective annual interest rate (TAEG) for use of € 1.500 of credit during a 3-month term and Nominal Annual Rate (NAR) of 11,9%, including statutory taxes in force. Granting of overdraft facility subject to BPI approval.

For any example of a maximum amount of a contracted overdraft facility and/or contract duration, the above EAPR remains unchanged. For the ENI/PL/Retired Customers, in the indicated EAPR, the Stamp Tax on the Use of Credit, in the amount of 0.192% on the amount used, is also considered. On the amount of credit used in the form of an overdraft, the Bank will charge interest, calculated on a day-to-day basis, at the rate defined above (APR). Plus 4% Stamp Tax on interest charged. This interest will always be debited with reference to the last day of the month to which they refer. The repayment of the credit used in the form of an overdraft is made on a monthly basis for the amount owed (including principal and interest) on the day on which the Salary (or pension) is credited; the Bank is herewith authorized to debit in this account the amount of credit used in each month and the respective interest (Calculation basis: Act./360 days).


This message is for advertising purposes and is provided by Banco BPI, S.A. Legally mandatory pre-contractual and contractual information should be consulted separately. Banco BPI, S.A., Rua Tenente Valadim, 284, Porto, Tied Insurance Intermediary no. 207232431 (registered with the Portuguese Insurance Institute on 31 October 2007 - additional registration information available at; authorised to carry out activity in the Life and Non-Life Classes of Insurance with Companhia de Seguros Allianz Portugal, S.A. Banco BPI, S.A. is not authorised to receive premiums or enter into contracts on behalf of Allianz Portugal S.A., and assumes no responsibility as intermediary for the coverage of risks inherent to the insurance contract.