BPI Prémio Card (APR 13,7%)


Accepted in millions of establishments worldwide, the BPI Prémio Card gives you discounts on all your purchases. When you pay with your BPI Prémio Card, you can have a discount of 2% on the value of purchases made in Portugal and abroad.

  • 2% discount on value of purchases made in Portugal and abroad, recorded and accumulated in your card account, awarded exclusively when all of the following conditions are met:
    - The card account is in active status and without default recorded as of the statement issuance date;
    - The amount of payments made (monthly and supplementary) does not exceed 50% of the debt balance indicated on the card statement, calculated on the issuance date of the next statement. When payments represent a higher amount or if no payment is made, the discount is not granted for this cycle.
  • Up to 15% discount with associated partners;
  • Option to pay 100% of balance, interest free. You may also pay your balance in fractions of 5%, 10%, 25% or 50%;
  • Interest-free credit up to 50 days, i.e., no interest is charged from the moment you make the purchase until the statement payment date;
  • Cash advance to BPI Current Account: With this feature you can transfer money from your credit card balance to your current account, in an easy, fast and convenient way, at BPI App or BPI Net. The balance is available immediately.
  • No need to change banks: Customers from any Bank can be BPI Prémio Card Holders;
  • One of the lowest annual fees on the market, just € 14 for the primary Card Holder and €4 for other Card Holders. The Stamp Duty is added to the rate in force;
  • Access to exclusive digital services: Homebanking and BPI Prémio App;
  • Contactless technology: BPI Prémio Card is already equipped with this innovative technology. 
Annual fee

1st card holder: € 14
Additional card holders: € 4
To these prices is added Stamp Duty at the rate in force.

Interest Rate

Nominal: 10,14%

Representative APR: 12,9%, calculated for credit limit of € 1.500, € 14,00 annual fee and repayment in 12 capital instalments of the same amount, plus interest at the above mentioned APR and the legal taxes in force. The interest rate is calculated on a 360 days basis, with no rounding off. Rates valid until 30/06/2024.


How do I apply for a card?

If you are over 18 and whether or not you are a Client of Banco BPI, you can apply for this card.

To apply for a BPI Prémio Card, you must go to any BPI Branch or BPI Premier Centre.