Credit Ratings​

Banco BPI

Last reviewCurrent rating 
(Date)(Long / Short term)Outlook
Moody's - Deposits26 May 2023A3 / P-2Positive
Moody's - Issuer/Senior unsecured debt1)26 May 2023Baa1 / P-2Stable
Fitch Ratings - Deposits/Senior unsecured debt1)8 Jul. 2022BBB+ / F2-
Fitch Ratings - Issuer8 Jul. 2022BBB / F2Stable
S&P Global Ratings - Issuer/Senior unsecured debt1)16 Sep. 2022BBB+ / A-2Stable

 1)Senior preferred debt.


Portuguese Republic

Last reviewCurrent rating 
(Date)(Long / Short term)Outlook
Moody's19 May 2023Baa2 / P-2Positive
Fitch Ratings14 Apr. 2023BBB+ / F1Stable
S&P Global Ratings2)10 Mar. 2023BBB+ / A-2


2)The ratings attributed by S&P Global Ratings to the Portuguese Republic are unsolicited ("u")