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    BPI Premier | Priority to your life

Credit Cards

Chose the one that is right for you. BPI has the right solution for every situation.

  • BPI

    Visa Credit Card which allows you to make moves on the deposits account and join optional insurance. APR 13,0% (TAN 8,5%).

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  • BPI Gold

    Gold Credit Card with a wide range of free insurance which allows you to make moves on  the current deposits account. APR 15,3% (TAN 9,32%)

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  • BPI Prémio

    Credit Card to accumulate discounts when you use it to pay to your purchases, in Portugal and abroad. APR 13,7% (TAN 10,14%).

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  • BPI Zoom

    Mastercard Credit Card with fixed monthly installments. Clients: APR 14,3% (TAN 10,5%); Non Clients: APR 15,8% (TAN 11,75%).

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