BPI Net is BPI's Homebanking Service for Individual Clients, Entrepreneurs and Small Businesses that, using a computer with Internet connection, provides access to the Bank in a simple and safe way, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

  • Convenient and Flexible
    You can access your Account from anywhere in the World, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
  • Easy and Fast
    Through the Internet, in an extremely simple and fast way, you have access to your Account and you can carry out a wide range of banking operations.
  • Price
    Subscription to BPI Net is free, and you also benefit from very advantageous conditions in some operations, in comparison to the same operations carried out at a BPI branch.
  • Safety and Confidentiality
    BPI guarantees full security and confidentiality in the operations carried out, using the most advanced data protection technology, complemented by Access Keys, Personal Coordinates Card and SMS Authorisation.
Available operations

BPI Net is very user-friendly, displaying a set of extremely simple screens that allow you to access your Accounts, investments and credits and perform a wide range banking operations:

  • Checking Account and Credit Card Balances and Movements
  • Overview of all Revenues, Expenses and Savings
  • Checking calendar movements planned for the next 30 days
  • National and Foreign Transfers
  • Payment of Services (including loading of mobile phones)
  • Payment to the State (IRS [Imposto sobre o Rendimento de Pessoas Singulares - Individual Income Tax], IRC [Imposto sobre o Rendimento de Pessoas Coletivas - Corporate Income Tax], Stamp Duty, among others)
  • Scheduling of Payments and Transfers (periodic or non-periodic)
  • Creation of List of Beneficiaries for Transfers and Predefined Payments
  • Management of Savings and Investments
  • Credit Cards: request to change limits, change of payment option and balance payment
  • Pre-paid cards: request, activation, charging and checking balances and movements
  • MB Net Card Creation and Management
  • Automatic categorisation of transactions into different expense categories
  • Direct Debit Management
  • Simulation and request of Personal Loan
  • Access to Prestige Products Catalogue, with possibility to place orders
  • Stock Exchange Operations
  • Access to documentation in digital format (Account Statements, Card Statements, Proof of Operations, among others)
  • Request and Cancellation of Cheques  
  • Checking and Configuring Alerts and Notifications
  • Access to contacts, location and services of Branches, Premier Centres and Business Centres