Daily Report

2 de Novembro de 2023
Financial Markets | daily report 02.11.2023
  • In yesterday's session, the FOMC decided to leave interest rates unchanged at the 5.25%-5.50% target range. Despite describing the economic outlook with similar words than in September and not ruling out an additional rate hike, markets lowered the probabilities of a further tightening in the monetary policy stance.
  • In this context, sovereign bond yields declined sharply in the US (-20bp in the 10-year bond) and more modestly in the euro area, where peripheral spreads widened moderately. Stock indices benefited from the expectation of a lower-than-expected interest rate environment going forward and rose notably across the globe.
  • Elsewhere, the US dollar weakened against most advanced economies' currencies with the exception of the euro, which fluctuated below $1.06.
  • Today the focus will be on the October Manufacturing PMIs for the main advanced economies.