Flash Notes

6 de Maio de 2022
Monthly Report | Economic and Financial Market Outlook | April 2022
  • The sharp rise in the price of energy and various commodities will affect our capacity to produce and consume. Indeed, it is already clearly doing so. Let us be clear: the entire European population has become poorer. As major importers of these goods, which are now more expensive, we can spend less on other things.
  • Not only that: the rise in the price of these products is having a very different impact on different sectors. The most energy-intensive sectors are the ones that are suffering the most as a result of the cost increases. Several subsectors in the agrifood industry are also suffering from the sharp increases in the prices of several commodities that are key for their production processes. Different types of households are also being affected very asymmetrically. Lower-income households devote the bulk of their resources to buying essential goods, which are precisely the ones that are rising the most in price.