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BPI Global Investment Fund (Luxembourg)


BPI Global Investment Fund Management Company S.A. is a company which was established on 11 February 1994 as a public limited liability company under the laws of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg for an unlimited duration. The object of the Management Company is the creation, administration and management of BPI Global Investment Fund, an open-ended investment fund under the form of a fonds commun de placement, as well as the issue and redemption of the Units of the Fund.

BPI Global Investment Fund is established in accordance with Part I of the amended Luxembourg Law of December 17, 2010 governing undertakings for collective investment by BPI Global Investment Fund Management Company S.A., as an open-ended investment fund. The only Shareholder of the Management Company is Caixa Bank Asset Management.

BPI Global Investment Fund Management Company S.A. has no affiliates and is 100% owned by Caixa Bank Asset Management since April 2018, as well as BPI Gestão de Activos.

BPI Gestão de Activos is the asset manager company. BPI Gestão de Activos acts in the major world financial markets and has considerable experience managing mutual funds and institutional portfolios. The company is responsible for the investment management of Banco BPI’s clients, through UCITS funds, real estate funds, pension funds, discretionary management and life insurance. The company manages all the portfolios of BPI Global Investment Fund.

From the launch of the first product in 1994, BPI Global Investment Fund has been diversifying the products offered, always focusing on the institutional clients and non-resident retail clients.


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