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Deposit Machines

The deposit machines, available in around 200 BPI Branches, allow you to deposit banknotes and cheques 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, in a safe and convenient way.

Find here the deposit machine closest to you.

Banco BPI | Deposit Machines | 24/7 Services

Banco BPI | Deposit Machines | 24/7 Services


  • Quick and Easy: make your deposits in any of the 200 BPI Branches equipped with deposit machines, with no hassles.
  • Instant credit: your deposits are instantly credited into your account.


Máquina de depósitos

Available operations

The deposit machines are ATMs of the Multibanco network that permit all the transactions available in the SIBS network, namely:

  • Cash withdrawals and queries
  • Payments
  • Transfers (between BPI accounts and to accounts in other Banks)
  • Direct Debits
  • Request of cheques
  • MB Net Service

In addition, they also permit to:

  • Make deposits in banknotes
  • Deliver cheques for deposit