Cash Pooling


Automatic centralization, in a single account, of account balances held by a company or a business group.


Cash Pooling, in the form of Balance Centralization, is a solution that allows a Company to centralize in a single account (centralizing account) the debit and credit balances of other accounts (satellite accounts), through the automatic processing of transfers between the centralizing account and each one of the satellite accounts according to the parameters defined for each of them.

  • Simplicity and Comfort: automatization of the operations concerning the centralization of balances of several accounts in a single account;
  • Reduction of administrative costs: centralized and integrated management of BPI accounts;
  • Flexibility: adaptation of the structures and parameters of the service to the needs of the Customers;
  • Optimization of Treasury Management: minimization of financial costs based on liquidity control through the integrated management of the cash available in the various accounts of the Company or Group in BPI, i.e. using surplus balances to meet the needs of funds.
  • Single company solutions (structures that integrate Current Accounts with the same holder): Companies, Individual Business Owners and Self-employed Professionals;
  • Multi-company solutions (structures that integrate Current Accounts held by different companies): companies with group or domain relationship.

In multi-company solutions, the centralization of balances may have legal and tax implications, and, prior to their implementation, it is recommended that companies have their framework analysed with their legal advisors.

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