BFA Corporate Solutions

BFA financing and cash management solutions for companies.

Cash management

Overdraft on current account
Short-term operation whereby the Client may use a larger amount than the available balance in its account, up to a pre-established ceiling, in order to meet treasury needs.

Credit Opening for Invoice Discounting
Credit for the collection of bills or equivalent documents, through which Clients, as suppliers of goods and/or services, assign to BFA the short-term receivables from their Clients.

Current Account
Credit for regular financing needs. Possibility to draw funds up to a previously agreed amount.

Credit to Investment

Medium and Long-Term Financing
Credit intended to reinforce a companies' permanent capital structure and finance investment projects in the following areas:

  • Agriculture;
  • Manufacturing;
  • Construction;
  • Acquisition of facilities and equipment.
Imports Support

Import Documentary Credits
Guarantee of payment of goods traded assumed by BFA under instructions from its Client (importer) in favour of the exporter and at its request, upon signature of the purchase/sale contract.

Foreign Payment Operations
Payments abroad or in foreign currency.

Foreign Receipt Operations
Receipts from abroad or in foreign currency.

Bank Guarantees
BFA stands before third parties as guarantor of the fulfilment of obligations assumed by its Clients/ Originators. 

Cash Collection Service
A specialised team, escorted by a security team, goes to your company to collect money and valuables.

Salary Processing
Processing of your company's staff salaries at pre-established periods and dates, in national and foreign currency.

BFA Net Empresas
Internet Banking service for companies, which allows remote management of accounts in Angola.

BFA Net Empresas offers a set of functionalities for a simple, safe and fast management of your company's accounts.


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