APT - Acquiring MB and Visa/Mastercard


The Automatic Payment Terminal (APT) allows you to receive payments made with bank cards (Portuguese or foreign) in a simple, fast and safe way.


BPI provides the Automatic Payment Terminals (APT)/Point of Sale (POS) so that its Customers can make all purchases and service payments conveniently, without the need to pay in cash or issue cheques:

  • the adhesion to the ATM agreement allows you to accept all debit cards of the ATM network, in on-site transactions or via MBWay;
  • the adhesion to the Visa/MasterCard agreement allows you to accept payments with Visa Electron or Maestro debit cards and Visa or MasterCard credit cards, in physical or contactless transactions;
  • the activation of the MB Spot service also allows you to pay State invoices, namely water, electricity, gas, services and to credit mobile phone services in real time to your Customers.

MyCommerce Price List

  • Available for all types of terminals - Mobile, Fixed and mobile POS;
  • Acceptance of ATM, Visa and MasterCard cards;
  • Terminal with Contactless and MBWay integration;
  • Monthly fee automatically adjusted according to the monthly invoicing:


Monthly InvoicingMonthly Fee
< € 2.000€ 15
> = € 2.000 to < € 4.000€ 27
> = € 4.000 to < € 6.000€ 38
> = € 6.000 to < € 8.000€ 48
> = € 8.000 to < € 10.000€ 57
> = 10.000€*€ 57
* from € 10.000 and above, a 0.90% MSR (merchant service rate) is added, with a minimum of € 0.05 per transaction.
Additional TPA€ 9.50

The monthly fee is subject to VAT at the legal rate in force.

BPI has distinct solutions of Automatic Payment Terminals, so that you can choose the one that best suits the specific needs of your business.

To perform transactions from anywhere, at anytime

  • BPI SmartPOS (mobile POS): solution comprising an APP, which may be installed on a smartphone, tablet or point of sale, and which, together with a card reader, paired via Bluetooth, allows you to receive the value of purchases with a bank card. On confirmation of the purchase, a digital payment slip is issued, which may be sent by e-mail, whatsapp or mms. Or, if you prefer, you can print, if you have a printer, also paired via Bluetooth.

    This service is aimed both at small retailers who wish to make sales with total mobility (e.g. kiosks, taxis, home deliveries and services), and at medium and large retailers for their distribution network (e.g. the HORECA channel), and can even integrate the mobile POS terminal with their own invoicing system (with clear advantages in the sales process and reconciliation of receipts).

For your business site

  • Mobile APT: wireless terminal, which allows the APT to be taken to the Customer's location. In addition to the total mobility of the terminal, it has GPRS communications included.
  • Fixed APT: a suitable solution for all commercial or service establishments that do not require mobility (counter terminal), which connects to the existing Internet system on site (ADSL/IP), ensuring a very short transaction time.


  • Greater security: less cash on hand, thus reducing the risk of loss, theft or misplacement of valuables;
  • Greater convenience: payments are electronically transferred to the company's bank account, avoiding travel to make deposits;
  • Greater speed and flexibility in the payments made by Customers;
  • Decrease in the need for change and cheques acceptance, banknotes and fake values;
  • Immediate account credit at the moment of closing the APT (24h/7 days a week).

Companies, Sole Proprietorships (SP) or Self-Employed Professionals (SEP) residing in Portugal, which intend to make available to their Customers, the payment of goods/services through the use of Debit and/or Credit Cards.


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