Visa Electron
Corporate Card

To operate and check movements in your account.

  • Easy to operate and check movements in Current Accounts;
  • Use permitted anywhere in the world that accepts the VISA network;
  • Management and control of company expenses.

5 years (card validity)

Annual fee

€ 17,00


Resident and non-resident companies in Portugal


The transactions are traded in the through the Current Account including:

  • Payment of purchases in any establishment with Automatic Payment Terminals (TPA) of Visa and Multibanco networks, in Portugal and abroad;
  • Low-value payments (tolls and telephone calls at public pay phones) in Portugal;
  • Cash withdrawals in any ATM in Portugal and ATMs connected to the Visa network abroad;
  • Multibanco Services: payment of services/ purchases, transfers, checking of current account balances and movements, change of PIN, deposit of cheques and cash (in BPI ATMs), request of cheque book and activation of Via Verde service.