Credit in Current Account

Short-term loans with flexible maturities to support cash management.

Type of Solution

Short-term loan, with debits (drawings) and credits (amortization) made by transfer to and from the current account.

  • Flexibility: allows adaptation of the amount of credit used to the customer’s cash flow needs, according to terms and conditions negotiated;
  • Simplicity: current account use and repayment are carried out, respectively, by credit to or debit from the Sight Account;
  • Efficiency: allows adjustment of the availability of credit when funds are needed;
  • Immediate Availability: immediate use up to the approved amount, particularly when provided through BPI Net Empresas (Corporate Internet Banking Service);
  • Proportionality of charges: payment of interest limited to time and amount of actual use of funds.

Companies and Individual Entrepreneurs with irregular but recurring needs for very short-term loans of varying amounts.

Case-by-case analysis.


Case-by-case analysis, normally up to one year.