Real Estate Leasing

Real estate leasing, with option to buy the property for its residual value at the end of a pre-established period.

  • No Stamp Duty on the loan and interest portion included in the rents;
  • The interest included in the rental payments is accepted as a cost for tax purposes;
  • The Residual Value permits to postpone to the end of the contract the reimbursement of a part of the amount financed;
  • Simplicity and fast handling of process.

Companies, Individual Entrepreneurs and Self-Employed Persons.

The amount financed may include (in addition to the transaction value, works in or construction of the property) the Municipal Property Transfer Tax (IMT) and notary expenses with the signature of the contract and deed.

  • Maximum: the amount of the property valuation by BPI, although it cannot be higher than the sum of transaction value/ deed, IMT and Notary expenses;
  • Minimum: €25,000.
  • Residual Value: between 2% and 10% of the initial amount of financing.
  • Minimum maturity: 1 year;
  • Maximum maturity:
    - Warehouse / Industrial Facilities: 10 years;
    - Offices / Clinic / Shop / Retail facilities: 15 years;
    - Owner-occupied permanent or secondary home; 30 years.
Type of Solutions

Real Estate Leasing Agreement under which BPI temporarily assigns the use of a property against payment of a rent. At the end of the pre-established period the property may be purchased for the residual value stipulated in the agreement.