Offer Qualification Support Line - Tourism of Portugal


300 million euros to support Tourism sector companies.



By the end of December 2020, the Offer Qualification Support Line protocol was renewed with "Turismo de Portugal", with an increase of the overall amount of the line by 300 million euros.

The Offer Qualification Support Line 2021 (LAQO 2021) will be in force until it reaches the mentioned ceiling. In the case of the Algarve Specific Line, the deadline is the 31st December 2021.


  • Requalification, repositioning, expansion and creation1 of enterprises, establishments and activities regarding the economic activities of the eligible CAE (Portuguese Classification of Economic Activities).
  • Entrepreneurship Projects in the Tourism sector.

Additionally, it was created the Specific Support Line for the Enhancement of Algarve (Algarve Line), with an allocation of 30 million euros (included in the global allocation), to which are applied the conditions applicable to investment projects in low density territories .

1 The creation of enterprises, establishments and activities must comply with the following requirements:
(i) Implementation in low-density territories;
(ii) Suitability to current or potential tourism demand and supply gaps;
(iii) Adding value to the existing region supply.


  • Benefit from a 0% interest rate for the Tourism of Portugal's tranche (except situations in which the company does not incur the environmental and accessibility expenditures set out in the project);
  • The projects financing undertaken by Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs) does not qualify for de minimis aid, if the investments begin after the financing request is made;
  • Possibility of granting a performance bonus, up to 30% of the Tourism of Portugal tranche that can be converted into a non-refundable finantial incentive;
  • Possibility for the financing to include working capital of up to 10% of the eligible investment (subject to the de minimis aid rules).


  • Tourism companies of any size, including SEE (self-employed entrepreneurs), with eligible tourism projects and which comply with the remaining framework and access conditions to this credit line;
  • Territorial scope of the projects: Mainland Portugal and Autonomous Regions.
Eligible Operations

Operations type:

  • Fixed-term loan
  • Maximum financing up to 80% of the eligible investment value, with to the following limits:
    - General Line - maximum financing amount of 1.5 million euros in the Tourism of Portugal tranche.
    - Entrepreneurship Projects - maximum eligible investment amount of 500,000 euros.
  • Minimum amount: 25,000 euros.
  • Operations up to 15 years (SMEs) or 10 years (non-SMEs);
  • Grace period: up to 48 months from the contracting date (SMEs) or up to 36 months for non-SMEs.



The debt guarantees may be agreed with BPI.


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