BCI Corporate Offer

BCI financing and cash management solutions for companies.

Cash management

Current Account Overdraft
Short-term operation whereby the Client may use a larger amount than the available balance in its account, up to a pre-established ceiling, in order to meet treasury needs.

Current Account
Credit for regular financing needs. Possibility to draw funds up to a previously agreed amount.

Discount of Bills and Promissory Notes
Advance of future revenues from commercial activity. The amount of financing corresponds to the amount of the Bill or Promissory Note.

Cash Collection Service
A specialised team, escorted by a security team, goes to your company to collect money and valuables.

Foreign Exchange Transactions
BCI, through its trading room, buys and sells foreign currency to its Clients.

Western Union
This service, provided under an association with an international organisation, allows BCI Clients to receive and send money to and from more than 200 countries, in a matter of minutes.

Salary Processing
According instructions sent to BCI through a Client manager or the Internet Banking service.

Credit Cards
Allow BCI Clients to make payments on credit at identified establishments of the VISA/ P24 network all over the world, as well as for purchases made on the Internet.

E- banking
Internet banking service for companies that provides a set of functionalities for a simple, safe and quick management of accounts, constituting an essential instrument for the management and monitoring of activities in Mozambique.

Credit to Investment

Financial Loans

  • Medium and long-term credit to finance investment in physical capital, at a competitive interest rate;
  • Credit lines to finance specific areas (for the development of the country). In these operations BCI shares the risk with other institutions.

Other Financial Instruments
Leasing: financing of cars, real estate and equipment. 

Imports Support

Import Letter of Credit
Operation by which BCI undertakes to make a payment to the Client's supplier of goods against delivery of documents proving they have been shipped.

Import Documentary Remittance
BCI collects documents that prove a commercial transaction, according to instructions received by a foreign correspondent.

Foreign Payment Orders
Through its correspondents abroad BCI pays foreign companies for goods or services, according to its Clients' instructions.

Bank Guarantees
BCI stands before third parties as guarantor of the fulfilment of obligations assumed by its Clients/ Originators.



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