COSEC Solutions

Type of MarketRisks CoveredProducts
Individual Products
DomesticCommercial RiskVenda Segura
ExternalExportação Segura
ExternalCommercial and Political RiskInsurance credit line for short term
Global operations
Domestic and ExternalCommercial RiskNegócio Seguro PME
Global Risk Policy
Garantia + and Garantia ++ Additional Coverages (SUSPENDED)
COSEC solutions garanteed by portuguese government
ExternalPolitical and Commercial risk
  • Portugal – Angola Convention
  • Export credit insurance
  • Financial credit insurance
  • Investment Insurance
  • Bond Insurance

Commercial Risk: Risk of bankruptcy or insolvency of the debtor; Late payment (arrears); Insufficient means; Composition with creditors or moratorium.
Political Risk: risk of occurrence of acts such as nationalizations, wars, revolutions, riots, annexations and derived risks (confiscation of assets, money transfer/ conversion difficulties, etc.).




Risk Coverage:

  • An important instrument that protects companies in the domestic market or in the export activity against the risk of default by debtors in a situation of insolvency or default of the debtor;
  • It guarantees a greater degree of security in the commercial transactions for the internal or external market, which makes it possible to extend the access to new markets and new Customers.


Specialized Credit Collection Management:

  • • It makes it possible to benefit from COSEC's experience and expertise in foreign markets; COSEC is the national leader in credit insurance and is 50% owned by BPI and by Euler Hermes, the world's largest group of credit insurers;
  • • It provides access to a professional and specialized service of credit risk analysis and debt collection and recovery for the domestic and foreign markets (100% of the amount owed).

Business Impact:

  • • It often contributes to increasing sales to existing Customers or to new Customers and markets, which might not be possible in the absence of this prospecting tool. Without this instrument, many commercial transactions would have to be made with prepayment or prompt payment, which could prevent them from materializing.