IFAP Short-Term Credit Line

Financing of agricultural campaigns (crops, forestry or livestock) with IFAP-subsidized interest rate.

Short-term credit line for the agriculture, forestry and livestock sectors, to finance the costs of agricultural campaigns (land preparation, sowing, irrigation, harvest, animal feed, among others).

  • Interest rate subsidy of 20%, awarded by the Institute for Financing of Agriculture and Fisheries (IFAP);
  • Fast analysis and decision of credit offers;
  • Competitive spreads;
  • Low fees. 

Entities located in the continental territory and holding producer identification number with IFAP (NIFAP) whose activity is exclusively or primarily dedicated to the agriculture, forestry and livestock sectors, particularly:

  • Individuals or legal persons, owners or co-owners of companies;
  • Agricultural cooperatives and other workers collective farming concerns:
  • Usufrutuaries who exploit the land directly under passive solidarity;
  • Sharecropper entrepreneur
  • Associations of farmers sharing comonage land;
  • Holders of exploration rights conferred under rural lease legislation and supplementary legislation;
  • Persons associated to engage in group farming. 
Eligible Operations
  • Operations intended to finance crops/production in the agriculture, forestry and livestock sectors, identified in the specific tables released by IFAP;
  • Operations for which the amount to be financed falls within the limit of de minimis aid available to the farmer/producer.
Eligible Operations

Amount of variable financing, uses and repayments depending on crops/production, in accordance with the crop/production tables released by IFAP.

  • Up to one year from the date of the first or only use.
  • Single repayment, to be made by the deadline established in the crop/production tables released by IFAP.

Guarantees agreed with BPI.


The contracted fee benefits from a 20% subsidy granted by IFAP, calculated on the lesser of the following two rates:

  • Reference rate for calculation of subsidies, pursuant to Decree-Law no. 359/89, of 18 October, in force at the beginning of the interest period;
  • Rate applied by BPI for the operation.
De Minimis Aid

Operations corresponding to IFAP - Short-Term Line for Agriculture, Forest and Livestock are subject to the de minimis aid scheme.

The cumulative amount of de minimis aid to be granted to each farmer/producer cannot exceed €15,000 over a span of three financial years.

If IFAP determines that the amount of the operation to be contracted results in aid intensity exceeding the level permitted by the Community Regulation on de minimis aid in force as of the date of application for financing, the amount of credit to be approved will be reduced to the exact extent necessary to comply with maximum allowable aid.