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Concentrates all check payments in a single file.

Banco BPI | Corporate | Cheque-Letter

Banco BPI | Corporate | Cheque-Letter


BPI provides the Cheque-Letter issuance service, which allows all regular payments to be made in a simple and low-cost manner.


  • Reduced administrative burden;
  • The Client sends a single file that aggregates all payment orders;
  • The Client may send the instructions file through BPI Net Empresas and/or other channels;
  • The client receives a control file to monitor all payments made;
  • Guaranteed payment to the Cheque-Letter beneficiaries.


  • To sign up for this service, the only requirement is for the company to sign a protocol with BPI;
  • The cheques are detachable and inserted in a letter, which is subsequently sent to the beneficiaries;
  • The company chooses the type of mailing;
  • Cheques are issued in euros and, unless otherwise indicated, are pre-crossed, bearing the indication "Account payee only", for greater security;
  • BPI debits the company's account for all payments to be made;
  • The company may establish a period of validity for the presentation of cheques for payment.

For more information, please go to any BPI Branch or Corporate Centre or contact us.