External Financing

Advance receipt of export revenues and financing of imports.


Managing operating fund requirements so as to manage operational cycles is a challenge for any company.

BPI supports companies with such management, through financing payments directly related to export operations when these are at their order or export stages.

External Financing is a short-term solution, which allows for financing of export and/or import operations of goods and/or services, in euros or in convertible currency.

  • Satisfies cash-flow/operating fund requirements: adapts periods of revenue receipt to the operational cycles of the company.
    - For exporters: allows for the financing of production orders, particularly important for businesses with a long production cycle and/or with a seasonal gap to the sales period;
    - For importers: it enables financing payments to external market suppliers in such a way as to ensure compliance with deadlines and/or advance payments, allowing for the negotiation of more favourable conditions (example: possible discounts for prompt payment).
  • Simplicity: contracting supported by BPI forms and copies of the accompanying documents for the pre-export operation or information referring to the import operation to be paid;
  • Flexibility: in the amount and financing period: the company only uses the credit when and for the period necessary, thereby only bearing financial costs for the corresponding amount and period;
  • Management of the exchange rate risk: For receipts or payments in a foreign currency, financing in the same currency adds to a more effective management of the exchange rate risk.

Companies, Sole Proprietors (SP) and Liberal Professionals (LP) who have short-term financing needs, as part of export and/or import operations.

Up to 100% of the value of the related commercial operation.