Payments to Suppliers


Fast and convenient payment to suppliers, with maximum security.

  • Lower processing costs and administrative burden;
  • Automation of procedures; national and international (SEPA area) payments can be aggregated in the same support and in a single operation;
  • Several payment orders concentrated in a single operation;
  • Instruction files sent through various channels;
  • Submission of payment orders with future processing date;
  • Possibility to check the details of instructions, after processing.

Deadline for submitting files:

  • Two business days before the intended date of processing;
  • Files sent via BPI Net Empresas may be sent on the day of processing.

Deadlines for availability of funds, after processing:

  • To BPI beneficiaries, the funds will be made available on the execution day of the orders;
  • To beneficiaries of other national banks, the funds will be made available on the business day following the execution of the orders;
  • The company's account is debited on the processing date by the total amount of payments to be made.