Through an Automatic Payment Terminal (TPA) you can receive payments made with bank cards (Portuguese or foreign) in a simple, fast and secure way.


BPI provides Point of Sale (POS) terminals to allow its Clients to make purchases and pay for services in all comfort, without having to pay cash or issue cheques:

  • Subscription of the Multibanco agreement allows you to accept all debit cards of the Multibanco network;
  • Subscription of the Visa/MasterCard agreement allows you to accept payments with Visa Electron or Maestro debit cards and Visa or MasterCard credit cards.

BPI also offers two different Automatic Payment Terminal solutions, so you can choose that which best suits the specific needs of your business: 

  • Fixed POS: this is indicated for all commercial or services establishments or services with no mobility requirements; there are several types of connections available, depending on the characteristics of your business and the volume of transactions;
  • Portable/ Mobile POS: this solution has the extra advantage of giving mobility to your payment terminal. This wireless terminal allows you to take the POS to the place where the Client is, thus representing the best solution for restaurants, coffee shops, taxis, open-air cafés, markets and home deliveries, among others. In addition to the terminal's full mobility and faster processing of payments, you can also opt for a TPA GPRS with communications included, a solution that frees your company from the monthly payment of the communications bill.
  • Greater security, as less money is kept in cash and therefore the risk of loss, theft or misplacement is lower;
  • Greater convenience, as payments are transferred electronically to the bank account of the company, thus avoiding trips to make deposits;
  • Greater speed and flexibility in payments made by the Clients;
  • Reduces small change needs, acceptance of cheques, bank notes and false values;
  • The 'payment of services' option permits to top up mobile phones, make payments to the State, and pay water, gas and electricity bills, among others.

Through BPI Net Empresas it is also possible to:

  • Request a TPA terminal and just wait for its arrival;
  • Check all the information related to the POS monthly close in digital format and download it for use in the company's current management.

Individual Entrepreneurs and Companies.