BPI Depósito Online | Cheques

Innovative solution that permits to deposit valuables, in your company, without having to physically go out to the Bank.


Innovative service, specifically developed for companies that deposit a high number of cheques.

The BPI Depósito Online allows companies to deposit national cheques in their own premises, quickly, easily and throughout the day, with immediate effect on the account.

The physical delivery of the cheques is made at a later time, and several cheques may be grouped in a single delivery.

  • Easy to install and use;
  • Flexible timetables (same-day confirmation of deposits sent until 11:30 pm on business days);
  • Does not require physical delivery of cheques immediately after deposit;
  • Free-of-charge consultation of the image of the deposited cheques, which are kept in a historical data file.

Companies that deposit a large number of cheques.