Account opening with CaixaBank

You can open an account with CaixaBank in Spain, from Portugal, in a simple and convenient way.

  • Simplification of paperwork.
  • Shorter response times;
  • Avoids having to travel to Spain.
CaixaBank products and services for Companies
  • Financing solutions: factoring, "CaixaConfirming", leasing, renting, forfeiting, guarantees and hedges;
  • Management of Payments and Collections: Receipts management (equivalent to the Direct Debits System), transfers, documentary credits, remittances, cheques negotiation, export insurance;
  • Cards: debit and credit card solutions for companies;
  • Foreign exchange, interest rate and commodity price risk hedging;
  • FOREX market: structured products, "i-Cuenta de Crédito" in foreign currency, foreign exchange rate hedging;
  • LíneaAberta: Internet Banking solution for companies.