Increase the efficiency of your company's cash management and register now in the BPI collection service.

  • Increased speed, simplicity and security in the processing of collections;
  • Reduction of costs, with the possibility of centralising all collections in just one country and one Bank (see price list).
  • Optimised cash management and use of internal resources;
  • Possibility of sending a single file with several billing instructions, for the entire SEPA space;
  • Ideal for exporting companies that want to make collections with their customers, streamlining the commercial relationship and internationalisation;
  • Possibility to schedule collections to a future date;
  • A single credit in the company's account comprising all the collections made;
  • The company receives a file containing detailed information on collections paid and rejected.

Knowing the importance of an effective cash management is for your company, BPI provides the SEPA collection service, which is essential for the day-to-day monitoring of a company's activity. The SEPA Direct Debit service can be used for transactions in Portugal or in any SEPA country, simply by identifying the accounts of the creditor and debtor through the IBAN.

Two SEPA Direct Debit schemes are available:

  • SEPA DD "Core": for collections from individual and/or corporate clients;
  • SEPA DD "B2B": exclusively for collections from corporate clients.

For more information, please go to any BPI Branch or Corporate Centre or contact us.