Export Advance

Short-term solution to advance future export revenues.


The management of cash flow requirements resulting from the time lag between cash received and payments poses a challenge for any business with credit sales.

BPI supports companies with this management, by financing the sale of goods and/or services to the external market through advancing the revenue amount based on a copy of the operation documents, given that the goods and the documents are sent directly to the importer.

  • Simplicity: contracting supported by BPI forms and copies of the accompanying documents for the export operation;
  • Flexibility: in the amount and financing period. The company only bears costs for the use of credit for the amount and during the period it requires this;
  • This satisfies cash-flow requirements through adapting revenue receipt periods to the operational cycles of the company through advancing revenue for export operations.

Companies, Sole Proprietors and Liberal Professionals who are exporters using credit sales.

Up to 100% of the value of the related commercial operation.


Usually up to 1 year for consumer goods and intermediate goods (short term), and this may be extended when involving capital goods and services (medium term).